Simple Language Portends Better Communication For Health-Care Delivery

There are various medical specialties that have different types of jargons for communicating.

Patients are left confused regarding the complexity of language used by the medical professionals through various medical specialties.

We, at MDC-Atlanta, believe that patients want to know about their disease or illness in order to make informed decisions regarding

the Patient’s Individualized HEALTH.


1. Direct, one on one communication with patient by our physician, Dr. Gates

2. A complete medical interview between patient and our physician, is provided, as well as appropriate objective medical assessment

3. Simple language, minimizing certain specialized medical jargon and providing direct discussion regarding the medical assessment, is made available to the patient by our physician

4. Pictures and Video-Presentations may be illustrated for sake of clarity to the patient by our physician with direct STEP BY STEP explanation using clip board drawings, you-tube demonstrations, and other tools

5. Diagnostic options are completely explained to patients to confirm or reject certain illness or disease

6. A Plan of further therapeutic and diagnostic care is made available to the patient

7. Patient is allowed to ask questions to make certain and to give assurance to patient, that patient understands final conclusion

8. Additional reading material may be offered to patient, as well as referral to other medical specialists/experts, if patient desires to have additional information and/or second opinion

We, at MDC-Atlanta, remain committed to informing our patients for better quality and safe medical care!


Written By: Dr. Jackson Gates

Dr. Jackson L. Gates, MD serves as our Founder & President of Medical Diagnostic Choices. He has personally diagnosed, treated, and reviewed well over 100,000 combined, clinical and laboratory medicine cases over his community-based medical practice career.

September 18, 2014

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