Meet Dr. Gates

Dr. Jackson Gates, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, serves as our Founder & President of Medical Diagnostic Choices (MDC-Atlanta). The current medical practice for MDC-Atlanta was initiated in 2009 with a mission to improve medical practice efficiency and effective communication between patients, physicians, laboratory medicine specialists, and other medical specialists. Over the past twelve (12) years, Dr. Gates has successfully transitioned our medical practice into a unique, “One STOP ” multi-specialty micro-practice in the greater Atlanta area that includes not only general adult medicine but also affordable, convenient, fast and accurate diagnostic laboratory medicine under one medical practice umbrella.

Dr. Gates is a personable doctor

About Us

Dr. Gates has an unrestricted medical license from the State of Georgia to practice General Medicine (Primary Care), Pain Management, and Pathology/Laboratory Medicine.  In his medical career, Dr. Gates has written prescriptions for thousands of different types of medications over his career, personally treated and managed patients with a range of clinical diseases with a clinical practice record demonstrating the highest level of standards of care. While carrying out his private, solo medical practice duties, he continues to provide short-term coverage for general clinical services to a variety of medical practice offices throughout Atlanta metropolis, in addition to providing MOBILE MEDICAL CARE.  Examples of clinical cases that Dr. Gates has treated and managed as a general practitioner, even among other clinical colleagues with PEER-REVIEW, include sexually transmitted infections, diabetes, hypertension, abnormal lipid profile, arthritis, shingles, autoimmune diseases, pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, urinary tract infection, skin rash, skin cancer, acute gastrointestinal disease, hepatitis, chronic pain syndrome, headaches, blood/bleeding disorder, and much more.  Dr. Gates has personally, directly clinically evaluated, treated and managed well over thirty-thousand (30,000) Patients over his extensive medical career (PROVEN EXPERIENCE YOU CAN TRUST AND DEPEND ON).

Our Practice Areas

In addition to the above listed hospitals, Dr. Gates has practiced medicine at the following hospitals, medical clinics and reference medical laboratories: Spalding Regional Medical Center, Griffin, Georgia; Southeast Georgia Health Center, Brunswick, Georgia; Lander Regional Hospital, Lander, Wyoming; Campbell County Memorial Hospital, Gillette, Wyoming; Houston Medical Center, Warner Robins, Georgia; U.S. Naval Hospital, Charleston, South Carolina; Memorial Hospital of Adel, Adel, Georgia; Miller County Hospital, Colquitt, Georgia; Memorial Hospital and Manor, Bainbridge, Georgia; Lake City Medical Center, Lake City, Florida; Shands at Lake Shore Hospital, Lake City, Florida; Coffee Regional Medical Center, Douglas, Georgia; Parkway Medical Center, Decatur, Alabama, Pathology Consultants of Georgia, Dahlonega, Georgia; International Medical Clinic, Doraville, Georgia; and Jefferson Pain Clinic, Jefferson, Georgia.

Dr. Jackson Gates

Dr. Jackson Gates

Founder and President of MDC

Dr. Gates has diagnosed different types of diseases, including a variety of  cancers and other acute/chronic diseases with proven accuracy and proficiency when compared to his medical peers.  Dr. Gates  holds a certificate of completion of training to interpret gynecological (PAP-SMEARS) and non-gynecological (thyroid, breast, lymph node, soft tissue ASPIRATIONS, etc) liquid-based cytological samples (Cytyc Corporation, Massachusetts). He has maintained a record of excellence in the Nationally Required Cytology Proficiency Testing by College of American Pathologists (CAP) and American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP). Dr. Gates completed a five year, general pathology and laboratory medicine training at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, and is board-certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology.

Dr. Gates trained under Dr. Robert Pascal, a world renown expert gastrointestinal pathologist while at Emory University School of Medicine. While at Emory, Dr. Gates trained under the great cytopathologist, Dr. Zuher M. Naib, also known along with Dr. Leopold G. Koss, as the founder of modern Cytopathology. While a second year resident, working directly with Dr. Naib reviewing cases at a two-headed microscope, Dr. Naib explained to Dr. Gates how he worked directly with Dr. Georgios Papanikolaous (a pathologist who created Pap-smears).  Dr. Gates developed his skills in hematology while at Emory, working directly ,individually under the tutelage of Dr. Victor Napoli, who was a professor of hematopathology and hematology for over fifty years. He has practiced community based clinical medicine alongside family practitioners, internists, surgeons, gynecologists, hematologists/oncologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, dermatologists, and even plastic surgeons, among other medical specialists for many years with a proven record of excellence among his clinical peers. DR GATES HAS DIRECTLY EVALUATED and INTERPRETED MORE THAN ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND (100,000) CLINICAL AND PATHOLOGY CASES!!!

His general adult medicine and laboratory medical practice experiences have included solo and group practices in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Wyoming.

Dr. Gates’ areas of interest FOCUS ON WELL-CARE/PREVENTATIVE CARE by way of:

  • Patient-centered Medical HOME (PCMH), personable direct physician (laboratory medicine specialist) to patient rapport, 
  • Patient-direct broad-spectrum clinical laboratory testing for diagnostic, preventative and maintenance care,
  • Rapid and accurate cancer diagnosis by limited cellular sampling and RAPID, thin-sliced tissue CONSULTATION, 
  • Shared, digital-based diagnostic pathology imagery, GLOBAL second opinion; Telemedicine/Telepathology, utilizing SMART-PHONE Technology
  • Transparency and accountability in the practice of general adult medicine as well as diagnostic laboratory medicine.
Dr. Gates Discussing Chronic Pain Management.

A Physician Committed to Appropriate and Timely Communication.

Our Medical Training and Other Credentials

Dr. Gates completed his primary, general medical education and training at The Medical College of Georgia (MCG) in Augusta, Georgia, which at that time, was heralded as the Nation’s most prominent academic program for Primary Care Medical Education. The Medical College of Georgia is the 13th oldest medical school in the entire United States of America, which means that it has trained more medical doctors in primary care medicine than many other medical schools, with a primary mission of providing primary care physicians to our Nation.

Dr. Gates’ primary medical education included direct apprenticeship with attending-level internist, neurologist, hematologist, family physician, surgeon, rheumatologist, gynecologist, among others. This would include working directly along-side, one on one with a private-practicing, community-based attending-level Family Medicine Physician during his primary medical education. He has also completed a number of years of direct apprenticeship from attending-level primary care physicians as well as pain-medicine physicians in private practice, since completing medical school. After medical school, Dr. Gates trained briefly in Family Medicine at the Medical Center of Central Georgia in Macon, Georgia, prior to starting his general medical practice. During Dr. Gates training in Family Medicine at MCCG, he trained under the apprenticeship of attending-level family medicine physicians, internal medicine physicians, surgeons, and obstetricians and gynecologists, along side other interns and residents.

Dr. Gates is actively engaged in Continual Medical Education (CME) in General Adult Medicine, Pain Medicine, and Laboratory Medicine, for which he practices. Dr. Gates is board-certified in clinical and anatomical laboratory medicine. Many physicians of various specialties seek the advice of a laboratory medicine specialist like Dr. Gates. Now Dr. Gates provides not only direct laboratory medicine consultation to patients, but also treatment and management of common diseases, INCLUDING CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROME. Remember, laboratory medicine physicians have the expertise it takes to appropriately advise patients regarding a variety of Diagnostic DISEASES/ILLNESSES, as well as to eliminate miscommunication with respect to accurate interpretation of laboratory medicine data.

He is a licensed general practitioner (physician) with vast experience and expertise in pathology and laboratory medicine. He currently maintains an active medical license over the past twenty-six (26) years from the State of Georgia, to practice general medicine as well as clinical laboratory medicine and pathology without restriction,( recently renewed through April 30, 2021). Dr. Gates has obtained a medical license from the State of Colorado, and is now prepared to offer Telepathology services to the citizens of Colorado, expiration through April 2021. He also holds an active and current DEA registration for prescription of class II medications over the past TWENTY-two (22) years, (recently renewed until 9/30/2022). Dr. Gates’ solo medical practice, MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC CHOICES, holds a Current, Active Pain Clinic License, Registered with the Georgia Composite Medical Board over the past eight (8) years (recently renewed until 4/23/2023)

Our Case Reviews

Dr. Jackson L. Gates, MD has personally diagnosed, treated, and reviewed well over 100,000 combined, clinical and laboratory medicine cases over his community-based medical practice career, rendering rapid, definitive accurate diagnoses to other physicians in just about every medical specialty including those dealing with skin cancers, gastrointestinal disorders, blood disorders, genito-urinary disorders, a variety of other cancers, and a variety of other diseases. Dr. Gates has personally DIRECTLY clinically evaluated and treated more than thirty thousand (30,000) patients over his general medical practice career. He has demonstrated clinical competency over his career with proven accuracy and reproducibility when compared to other clinical practices and external laboratory medical practices, including academic-based medical practices such as the Mayo Clinic, MD Anderson, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins, just to name a few. There are no derogatory claims against Dr. Gates’ medical practice during his independent, office-based medical practice and/or physician-staff membership at the numerous hospital appointments throughout his extensive medical practice career.

Experience You Can Depend On


Experienced Doctor

Over Twenty-eight (28) years of quality experience in community-based general adult medicine practice including direct patient care evaluation, treatment, and management since completing medical school.


Active Communication

Routinely receives communication from patients regarding general health care questions and questions regarding specific diagnostic medical laboratory evaluations.


Active Licences

Previous active medical staff membership at a number of community hospitals in Georgia, Florida, and Wyoming.


Quality Experience

Quality experience as medical director at several community hospital medical laboratories and independent medical laboratories which would include Camden Medical Center, Saint Marys, Georgia, Riverton Memorial Hospital, Riverton Wyoming, Doctors Laboratory Inc, Valdosta, Georgia, Smith-Northview Hospital, Valdosta, Georgia, Berrien County Hospital, Nashville, Georgia, Madison County Hospital, Madison, Florida. Some of these laboratories under Dr. Gates’ medical directorship were certified by College of American Pathologists and The Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation.