The Real Truth About Laboratory Medicine

A Presentation on Quality Measures in the LaboratoryReferencesThe Laboratory Testing ProcessExposure of Pre-Analytic Lab TestingExposure of Analytic Lab TestingExposure of Post Analytic Lab TestingMeasuring Quality in The Medical LaboratoryTransparency of Lab ResultsThe Lab Result in VIEWMore Transparency of Lab Test ResultsTransparency at the Microscopic levelMobile Diagnostic Test Point of Care TestingMedical Laboratory Testing Distribution; This Graphical Statistic is Striking! It shows that nearly 85% of all lab testing are sent away from the medical care site; More than 90% of care providers use MULTIPLE LABS; and About 70% of the care providers do not SHOW LOYALTY, which suggest a level of dissatisfaction with Consistent Quality in the Laboratory. We at MDC Atlanta believe that DIRECT COMMUNICATION between patients and laboratory medicine physician improves upon Consistency of Quality and Patient/Physician Satisfaction.Quality Control Measure in the Laboratory--THE STANDARDS! The STANDARDS OF QUALITY LAB TESTING ARE Only assured by having one, "Walk me through this Test, " to show QUALITY OF ALL THREE PHASES OF TESTING: 1) Pre-Analytical; 2) Analytical; and 3) Post-Analytical.


Communication in Laboratory MedicineShared Experience with a Nationally Renown  EXPERT! An example of APPROPRIATE DIRECT COMMUNICATION between health care providers for Better Quality and Safe Care for the Patient!

Proper, Effective and Transparent Direct-Communication Reduces Laboratory Errors SIGNIFICANTLY!

We, at MDC-Atlanta, believe that QUALITY LABORATORY MEDICINE starts and ends with

Complete Transparency.

MDC-Atlanta remains committed to INFORMING PATIENTS about better Quality and Safe Medical Care.

Written By: Dr. Jackson Gates

Dr. Jackson L. Gates, MD serves as our Founder & President of Medical Diagnostic Choices. He has personally diagnosed, treated, and reviewed well over 100,000 combined, clinical and laboratory medicine cases over his community-based medical practice career.

January 24, 2014

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