The Informed HIV Positive Patient

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Patients are living LONGER LIVES with HIV because of the effective antiviral medications that are currently available, with a RANGE OF CHOICES. INFECTIOUS DISEASE EXPERTS NATIONWIDE AND WORLD-WIDE HAVE SET GUIDELINES FOR PRIMARY CARE PROVIDERS TO FOLLOW IN THE TREATMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF THIS DISEASE. The United States Department of Health and Human Services now acknowledges that this disease is a manageable Chronic Disease.  But it requires patients to be vigilant about their care, i.e. knowing their CD-4 levels and HIV viral Load Levels, as these are the two key components to determine treatment and management. Genotypic Resistant Testing (GRT) may also prove helpful to know. Furthermore, diet and exercise become critical with this management as well as partnership with a health care provider and routine visits to doctor, to check for side-effects of medication and/or monitoring progress of the disease.

Ask questions and STAY VIGILANT, as there are large numbers of patients who are now approaching more than 25 years living with this disease, and whose viral loads have been near undetectable, with CD4 count levels ABOVE 1000, without significant liver and/or kidney disease, bone-marrow suppression, lipodystrophy, neuropathy, opportunistic infections, or other significant sequella from this disease.

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Written By: Dr. Jackson Gates

Dr. Jackson L. Gates, MD serves as our Founder & President of Medical Diagnostic Choices. He has personally diagnosed, treated, and reviewed well over 100,000 combined, clinical and laboratory medicine cases over his community-based medical practice career.

October 11, 2013

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