Autopsy Fees

Fee Transparency for Dr. Jackson L Gates, MD – regarding autopsy service:

  1. PRIMARY COMPLETE FULL AUTOPSY to include analysis of external and internal body cavities and all organs: (total hours – 15 hours at 400 dollars per hour = 6,000 dollars MINUS 500 dollars discount fee to the public — FINAL COST is 5500 dollars which would include use of facility fee and Transporter fees as well as all administrative cost including review of ALL antecedent medical records, processing of tissue for microscopic examination as well as production of pathology slides and FINAL COMPLETE AUTOPSY REPORT with definitive CAUSE and MANNER of DEATH)
  2. SECOND OPINION COMPLETE FULL AUTOPSY (total hours 15 hours = total cost 5500 dollars) to include the above plus review of the ORIGINAL autopsy report, microscopic examination of any and all pathology slides, processing of additional tissue for microscopic examination, death scene photos and videos as well as investigation documentation from authorities and any other administrative duties)to include definitive OBJECTIVE Cause and MANNER of death!
  3. SECOND OPINION ONLY (NO internal or external physical examination of the body) (total – 8 hours – total cost 2500 dollars) – reviewing COMPLETE ANTECEDENT medical records, original autopsy report, microscopic pathology slides, death scene photos and videos, investigation documents from authorities, as well as administrative preparation of FINAL Reports
  4. SECOND OPINION FOR CLOSURE ONLY to surviving family members/next of kin— (total fee 850 dollars) to include data review ONLY with an explanation of findings!

Dr. Jackson L. Gates MD is prepared to defend his findings and opinion in any USA COURT OF LAW.