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We are pleased to announce our initiative to provide FREE DIAGNOSTIC PATHOLOGY CARE to those citizens of Georgia who may not be able to afford diagnostic Pathology Evaluation.  This general Charitable Pathology Practice is sponsored through:

The Institute of Pathology and Laboratory Medical Science, Inc, A NON-PROFIT company

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Do you have a lump on your skin or in your breast, or thyroid, or other glands? Get an accurate diagnosis the same day at MDC-Atlanta; don’t wait for days, as this could delay timely and appropriate treatment. AND, we won’t run up a bill on you like those other guys!

Dr. Jackson Gates, MD

UNLIKE OTHER TYPICAL CLINICAL LABORATORY PRACTICES, In our practice, we directly listen to the patient’s chief complaint with detailed accounting of the history of present illness, past medical/surgical history,  as well as a thorough review of the eleven (11) human organ systems. We welcome referrals from other physicians but it is NOT required.


-Present Illness_____________________________________________

-Past Medical/Surgical History/Diagnosis________________________

-Review of Systems__________________________________________

-Final, Rapid, Cellular or Tissue Diagnosis:____________________________

Eleven (11) Organ Systems---Evaluating Organ Systems Leads to Accurate Diagnosis of Diseases

During a complete or selective physical examination, we evaluate basic physical evidence of disease through an objective analysis of the various organ systems, as well as document weight, BMI and other vital signs. We collect a Pap smear sample during a complete pelvic examination (in our medical office only), rendering definitive diagnosis for bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, active herpes infection, HPV, precancerous or cancerous changes, and other diagnoses, THE SAME DAY.  We also provide a complete male pelvic examination (in our medical office only), checking for hernia, testicular disease, STD,  and digital rectal exam for prostate cancer.  We provide complete laboratory testing through our practice affiliate clinical laboratory medicine consultants/experts,ACCORDING TO OUR CLINICAL IMPRESSION.. We do not make recommendations for unnecessary medical laboratory tests.

Appropriate References from the Medical Literature are Provided on ALL Final Diagnostic Reports

Examples of Diagnostic Cases Rendered by Dr. Gates, CLICK HERE

 Urine Cytology


Basal Cell CA SKIN MOH's SurgeryHyperplastic Polyp of Colon, Frozen Section Diagnosis

Dr Gates at the Microscope Desk Interpreting Diagnostic Pathology

Dr Gates at the Microscope Desk Interpreting Diagnostic Pathology

Breast CancerColon CancerProstate Cancer

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Gates prior to the date of your anticipated CT/Ultrasound guided biopsy, bone marrow biopsy, bronchoscopic biopsy, colonoscopy/endoscopy/colposcopy biopsy, or surgery, so that further guidance and instructions can be given to the patient.  In most out-patient based surgeries (surgeries performed outside of the hospital), patients who are self-pay are often given the freedom of choice as to which laboratory medicine physician provides diagnostic services to them. This freedom of choice allows patients to directly communicate with laboratory medicine specialist, compare QUALITY AND COST for diagnostic service as well as to have direct control of their health care costs.  With or without health insurance, the costs of our diagnostic services are MOST COMPETITIVELY AFFORDABLE than many other practices in Atlanta, because we aim to eliminate unnecessary, additional specialized laboratory testing.  Dr. Gates routinely utilizes SECOND OPINION REVIEW from world renown experts at elite academic institutions located within the United States of America to CONFIRM ALL CANCER-POSITIVE DIAGNOSES AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO PATIENT.  This is apart of OUR QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM at Medical Diagnostic Choices.

The Empowered Patient

We are Atlanta’s One and Only general medical care and mobile diagnostic laboratory medical practice.

We travel to the site of the procedure to perform Fine-Needle Aspiration on LUMPS from breast, thyroid, lymph node, and soft tissue, as well as CT-guided/ultrasound guided Needle biopsy with immediate sample adequacy assessment, as well as diagnostic interpretation,i.e. rendering an accurate diagnosis THE SAME DAY. We also provide urine cytology, sputum, and blood smear reviews, rendering rapid diagnoses THE SAME DAY.  This will include direct patient medical care evaluation with sample collection, processing, and interpretation of diagnostic results.

Mobile Lab Equipment and Material; The Safest and Most Cost-effective way to provide Accurate, Fast Mobile Diagnostic Services at the Patient's Bedside. In Fact, Dr. Gates can make a diagnosis of ANY TYPE OF CANCER, using the basic tools in this image!!Remember: Cancer is a CYTOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS or simply diagnosed by viewing a few sampled cells under the microscope!!

We travel to the site of the surgical or clinical procedure to perform rapid diagnosis (same day, within 20 minutes) on breast biopsy, lymph node biopsy, prostate biopsy, urinary bladder biopsy, stomach and intestinal biopsy,  biopsy of oral cavity/head and neck,  uterine cervical biopsy, and more  for rapid, accurate and definitive diagnosis, saving patients hundreds of dollars, and frustration from DELAYED diagnosis. This will include direct patient medical care evaluation with sample collection, processing permanent-section slides,  and interpretation of diagnostic results. We provide a triage of ALL diagnostic tissue biopsy by doing the following: 1) We start with a cytological prep, i.e. touch imprint or smear of retrieved tissue sample, followed by rapid staining, and reviewing of sample under the microscope to assess sample adequacy and, perhaps preliminary diagnosis; 2) ALL direct permanent section slides will be processed within 3-5 business days, unless requested STAT DIAGNOSIS. A SECOND OPINION is always available at the request of PATIENT.    References from the medical literature are provided on ALL FINAL DIAGNOSTIC PATHOLOGY REPORTS.  WE ALSO PROVIDE IMAGES AND/OR VIDEO PRESENTATIONS ON ALL DIAGNOSTIC REPORTS SO THAT THE PATIENTS MAY SHARE THEIR DIAGNOSTIC BIOPSY WITH OTHER LIKE-MINDED EXPERTS, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO OUR PATIENTS.

Bone-Marrow Biopsy: We travel to the site of the procedure or patient may choose to come directly to our practice. A bone marrow biopsy performed by MDC-Atlanta will include direct evaluation for those patients with clinical history of anemia (low numbers of red blood cells), leukopenia (low numbers of white blood cells), thrombocytopenia (low numbers of platelets), leukemia, myelodysplasia, myeloproliferative disorder, lymphoma, etc.  This will also include performing the bone marrow biopsy procedure, collecting, and processing samples for aspiration, core and clot biopsy. Dr Gates directly  prepares peripheral blood smear slides/aspiration slides, and provides diagnostic interpretation of ALL results. Dr. Gates recommends a direct-blood smear review along with review of a complete blood count report prior to a bone marrow biopsy.  Often times, a direct-blood smear review as well as review of a complete blood count report coupled with review of the patient’s clinical history, may shed light on whether or not a bone marrow biopsy may be necessary. A BLOOD SMEAR REVIEW MAY BE ALL THAT IS REQUIRED

We recommend that our patients arrange a schedule with our medical practice for bone marrow aspiration/biopsy two(2) weeks prior. However, a peripheral smear review and review of a complete blood count report (CBC report) can take place immediately prior to a bone marrow biopsy, which again, may save patient time and money regarding the necessity of a bone marrow aspiration/biopsy.

.                                     One Cell is Diagnostic of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) by Peripheral Smear Review        Bone Marrow Biopsy


Special stains, immuno-histochemistries, flow-cytometry, and cytogenetic/molecular studies are only ordered as deemed necessary. We consider it to be unethical to order ANY SPECIAL STAINS or MOLECULAR STUDIES THAT DO NOT SUPPORT A DIAGNOSIS ON BONE MARROW SAMPLES.


The Patient may come directly to our medical practice office located at 777 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 100, S.W., Atlanta, Georgia, 30315, or if requested, we will travel directly to the patient’s bed-side to collect blood samples, and other body fluids for general laboratory testing. This would include a general health assessment/ interview between patient and Dr. Gates, collecting sample in appropriate transport media using standard technique and protocol, accurately labeling test sample matched with appropriate patient’s identification,  and transporting sample to our practice affiliate CLIA-licensed Clinical Laboratory where the actual testing process will take place.  For more convenience, we also recommend that our patients visit our practice affiliate reference medical laboratory for Direct-Access Lab testing CLICK HERE TO CONTACT DR. GATES FOR DETAIL ALL FINAL LABORATORY TEST RESULTS will be reviewed by Dr. Gates, as well as appropriately discussed with patient for continuity of safe medical care. Most clinical laboratory results are available within one (1) week.

We use appropriate color-top test tubes to collect samples for transport to our practice-affiliate/consultant licensed medical laboratory for accurate testing!

Our fees are based on direct-patient care provided by Dr. Jackson L. Gates, MD.  For mobile services, mileage rates starting from the above practice address may apply in addition to fees for phlebotomy/sample collection and transportation. During certain pathological diagnostic studies, Dr. Gates utilizes consultation services for second opinion and specialized sample processing/testing through selected, affiliate, licensed and certified Clinical-Anatomic Laboratory Consultants/Experts. 

Our commitment remains providing fast, accurate, and precise diagnoses at the most affordable competitive fee for service, with emphasis on excellent patient-service and direct-communication between Patient and Dr. Gates.