Medicine Made Ridiculously SIMPLE


By now, some of you have had an opportunity to view our introductory Online TV show: Take Charge of Your Health.

We want to prepare you for our future shows in order that you may be able to understand where we are coming from with regards to “Making Medicine Plain” for everyone to understand.

When I was a student, there was a popular series of books to assist students with learning known as “Made Ridiculously Simple.”  While it is not our intention to insult anyone’s intelligence or  to educate anyone to become physicians or health care practitioners, we believe that by assisting patients with fundamental appreciation for the medical evaluation process requires a discussion of basic processes, and improves on patient-physician partnership roles.

There is an idiom that is commonly expressed: “Can’t see the wood for the trees.”  This statement means not being able to understand what is important in a situation because one is given too much attention to details. So, having stated this fact, we want to make our approach to the “Medical Information Highway,”simple enough for our most youthful on the one hand, to our most senior or elderly on the other hand to understand.

Let’s put it this way by using a paraphrase from the above idiom, Can’t see the CELL for Human Organic Systems in Disease or Illness.” With this notion, we would like to emphasize the importance of the cell as we promote laboratory medicine’s contribution to diagnosis, treatment and management. You see, sometimes minutia may be important to understand the OVERALL Human Disease/Illness Process. AND, we will take it to the biochemistry and/or molecular biology level, i.e. getting into the minutia at the advancement of our shows.  We will eventually show how biochemistry and molecular biology are important as we discuss specific disease processes and correlate those disease processes with the concept of treatment, pharmacology and overall management of the patient’s health.  We will guide you along the way.

Biochemistry is the branch of science that deals with chemical reaction in living organisms at the cellular level. Molecular Biology is that branch of biology that deals with structural and functions of proteins and nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) for example, as it relates to cellular processes.  So, it becomes important to understand these two components of knowledge as we describe how diseases and illnesses come into REALITY.

So, early on in our shows we plan to approach ALL BASIC CONCEPTS, as with a PRACTICAL, COMMON SENSE approach, as we believe that ALL knowledge come by way of: 1) Listening; 2) Observing; 3) Investigating; 4) Analyzing; and, 5) Drawing Deductive and Inductive Reasoning and/or Conclusion.

Schemata for Solving The Unknown

Again, we suggest you prepare your questions, buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for joining us in this regard.

MDC-Atlanta remains committed to informing our patients for better quality and safe medical care.

Why Preventative Care Works?

A common expression:  “An Ounce of Preventative Care” is Worth a “Pound of Cure.”

Most of us, who are otherwise well or healthy at birth with appropriate development throughout early adulthood, began to develop chronic diseases around the age of 30-35 years old, unless there is some other predisposition for early development of diseases due to certain environmental factors or genetics (inheritable diseases, i.e. what we get from our parents or genes transcended through our ancestry).

Chronic diseases that develop after the age of 35 years old, tend to be due to degenerative changes related to the disruption of normal homeostatic mechanisms as we become older.  Five chief systematic components have been commonly linked to this process: a) Cardiovascular ; b) Immune; c) Endocrine; d) Musculo-skeletal; and, e) Neurological.



-12-Lead EKG, cost around 100 dollars


-Complete Blood Count Report with differential, cost around 15 dollars


-Thyroid Function Test; Hemoglobin A1c, cost around 90 dollars


-X-ray, cost around 100 dollars


-Neurological Examination, cost around 50 dollars

So a regular check up of these five systems can essentially PREVENT advancements of MOST DISEASES or SICK Care! SICK CARE costs patients on average well over 300,000 dollars

in a life time.

 PREVENTATIVE AND MAINTENANCE CARE typically starts on a routine basis at age 40! Try it!

Gates’ Global Broadcasting Network, 2014

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Our Future Shows:

1. Welcome to GGBN: Take Charge of your Health (COMPLETED)
2. Basic Concepts:
    Part I: Fundamental Concepts of Human Disease
    Part II: How is My Disease/Illness Diagnosed
    Part III: Classification System of Human Diseases
    Part IV: The Role of Modern Lab Medicine Specialist/Pathologist in Contribution to Preventative Care
3. Patient-Partnership with Practitioner
    Part I: Designing an agreement between patient and doctor for partnership of the patient’s primary care
    Part II:Practitioner (Physician) as a Consultant to Patient
             a) Primary General Care
             b) Investigating and analyzing medical literature on behalf of patients
             c) Group discussion with other physicians, experts, and special guests regarding patient’s illness/disease
4) The Importance of the Patient-Physician Relationship
    a) Collecting Data to Derive at Diagnosis
    b) Establishing a strategy for Treatment and Management
    c) Consulting with other Specialist or Experts, Nutritionist, Dieticians, social services, mental health services, etc
5) Selected Patient-Physician Encounter/Meeting Presentations
6) Invited Presentations by Specialists, Experts, and other Special Guests
7) Special Topics for Presentation:
    A) Clinico-pathological Conference (CPC) Discussion
    B) Tumor Board Conference (TBC) Discussion with physicians of various medical specialties
8) Journal Club: Medical Topic Discussion from Current Medical Literature/Journals/Articles/Research Projects, etc
MDC-ATLANTA remains committed to keeping patients informed about Quality and Safe Medical Care.

The Real Truth About Laboratory Medicine

A Presentation on Quality Measures in the LaboratoryReferencesThe Laboratory Testing ProcessExposure of Pre-Analytic Lab TestingExposure of Analytic Lab TestingExposure of Post Analytic Lab TestingMeasuring Quality in The Medical LaboratoryTransparency of Lab ResultsThe Lab Result in VIEWMore Transparency of Lab Test ResultsTransparency at the Microscopic levelMobile Diagnostic Test Point of Care TestingMedical Laboratory Testing Distribution; This Graphical Statistic is Striking! It shows that nearly 85% of all lab testing are sent away from the medical care site; More than 90% of care providers use MULTIPLE LABS; and About 70% of the care providers do not SHOW LOYALTY, which suggest a level of dissatisfaction with Consistent Quality in the Laboratory. We at MDC Atlanta believe that DIRECT COMMUNICATION between patients and laboratory medicine physician improves upon Consistency of Quality and Patient/Physician Satisfaction.Quality Control Measure in the Laboratory--THE STANDARDS! The STANDARDS OF QUALITY LAB TESTING ARE Only assured by having one, "Walk me through this Test, " to show QUALITY OF ALL THREE PHASES OF TESTING: 1) Pre-Analytical; 2) Analytical; and 3) Post-Analytical.


Communication in Laboratory MedicineShared Experience with a Nationally Renown  EXPERT! An example of APPROPRIATE DIRECT COMMUNICATION between health care providers for Better Quality and Safe Care for the Patient!

Proper, Effective and Transparent Direct-Communication Reduces Laboratory Errors SIGNIFICANTLY!

We, at MDC-Atlanta, believe that QUALITY LABORATORY MEDICINE starts and ends with

Complete Transparency.

MDC-Atlanta remains committed to INFORMING PATIENTS about better Quality and Safe Medical Care.

Representative Normal Human Organ Histology

You can’t understand the PATHOLOGY Until you can Recognize NORMAL HISTOLOGY

THEN, Click on the link below, at viewer’s discretion to VIEW SAMPLES OF


Examples of Pathological Cases Diagnosed by Dr. Gates, Click on this Link

Normal SkinNormal Lung HistologyNormal Heart HistologyNormal Stomach HistologyNormal Liver HistologyNormal Kidney HistologyNormal Colon HistologyNormal Adrenal Gland HistologyNormal Spleen HistologyNormal Lymph Node HistologyNormal Ovary HistologyNormal Cerebellum Histology

The above pictures were taken with an IPHONE camera directly from a light microscope, which can be shared on the spot with viewers, such as medical diagnostic experts  ALL OVER THE GLOBE!

MDC-Atlanta remains committed to keeping our patients INFORMED for Better Quality and Safe Medical Care!

Plain Talk About Cancer

Cancer, also known as MALIGNANT NEOPLASM, remains a leading cause of death in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  For decades now, cancer death statistics remain pretty close to twenty six percent (26%) of ALL Deaths.  And, the real question becomes “what is truly being done to lower this statistics?” This question remains to be a problem for those who are suppose to be leaders in the efforts to decreasing this statistics.

BILLIONS of dollars are spent each year in researching, diagnosing, treating, and managing patients with cancerous or malignant neoplasm.  And, based on the statistics, ONE in FOUR patients will STILL succumb to cancer related deaths.

The Main Culprit for this:


Some Basic Concepts:

All cancers start at the cellular level with a proliferation,i.e. division and cellular growth as well as spread or invasion of typically one cell type.  This proliferation is believed to be prompted by mutation in genes or DNA/RNA caused by viruses, other environmental chemicals, or simply faulted/corrupt genes. Therefore, coupled with ASTUTE ASSESSMENT OF  RISK FACTORS , most advanced stages of cancer can be PREVENTED through evaluation of a few cells, if one consults with a specialist like Dr. Gates prior to a tumor becoming advanced where treatment options become limited. In fact, there are essentially eight or nine different general categories of CANCER, and the classification scheme is based on whether or not the original cancer cell is: 1) Epithelial origin (also derived from ectodermal and endodermal layers of human development), such examples include the lining of skin and internal organs, and this type cancer is generally known as CARCINOMA; 2) Stromal origin (also derived from the mesodermal layer of the human development) which includes muscle, bone, ligament, fibrous, cartilage, adipose, and other connective tissue, and this type cancer is generally known as SARCOMA; 3) Mixed origin which will includes original cancer cell that has both epithelial and stromal features (derived from all three layers of human development, ectodermal, endodermal, and mesodermal origins); 4) Endocrine origin, such as Thyroid, Pancreas, Adrenal Gland, etc, as with cells that produce hormones; 5) Neural origin such as cells from glial tissue and non-glial tissue (from brain and spinal cord, peripheral nerves, ganglions, etc); 6) neuroendocrine origin, i.e. cell which has both neural and endocrine features; 7) Hematological origin, i.e. cells which make up the reticuloendothelial system, i.e. spleen, thymus, bone marrow, lymph nodes, etc; 8) Unclassifiable cancer, where original cell may be unknown for one reason or another, generally, TUMORS of UNKNOWN ORIGIN; and, finally, 9) GERM CELL  TUMORS.

There are essentially four key components that inhibit the growth of cancerous cells or destroy them all-together:

a) Genetics

b) Immune System

c) Proper Nutrition

d) Treatment: Surgery, Chemotherapy and radiation therapy

A Cancer cell that resembles the cell of origin may at times, become difficult to discern between the normal and the abnormal cell. However, there are special types studies such as genetic studies also known as molecular studies, or other specialized laboratory studies that usually can be employed to distinguish the normal cell from the abnormal cell.  But in general, cells which do not show complete cellular maturation, as compared to a normal mature cell, and demonstrate evidence of proliferation, i.e. division and/or cellular growth, that is not typical, should be evaluated for potential cancerous or malignant growth.  AND, that is the basis for tissue biopsy or cellular aspiration, that are typically done on cellular growth or LUMPS on skin, or in breast, or in lung, or in prostate, for example.

Cancer Diagnosis:



Early Detection Remains Key to Cancer Survival: Remember, the smaller the tumor at the time of detection, i.e. less than 1cm, OR A TUMOR that is PRE-CANCER typically means a chance for CURE!!

Knowing Your Risks, i.e. Family history of cancer, genetic predisposition, previous cancer diagnosis, etc

Screening Exam: Pap smears, Mammogram, CT-scan, PET scan, Laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, cystoscopy,endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc, for those who are in moderate to high risk categories.

Holding health care providers accountable for delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis that goes against Standards of Care


MDC-Atlanta remains committed to informing patients






MDC GOES GLOBAL, Project for 2014

We welcome our patients and our visitors to consider our  ONLINE LIVE STREAMING WEBSITE, so that MDC can reach the masses of patients.


“GATES GLOBAL BROADCASTING NETWORK, GGBN.” The Idea is to have a direct discussion between a physician and patient through live video streaming, showing images, having seminars, reviewing as well as critically analyzing the current medical literature, inviting experts of various medical specialties, other physicians, and special guests. The intent is to demonstrate to patients how medical decisions are derived as well as to show what happens when physicians appropriately and directly communicate with each other about patients’ diseases/illnesses, as in a tumor board discussion or clinico-pathological conference which typically happens in a hospital setting, yet we intend to involve the patient-public in its uniqueness. We look forward to hearing from you in this regard.


GGBN; Transparency and Accountability in Medicine At Its BEST!

Empowering Patients To Retain That which is Most Important-The Patient's Health!

Dr. Gates GOES GLOBAL VIA live video streaming, 2014!!!

Modern Medicine, 2014

The days of old regarding going to a doctor’s office and waiting for hours on end for a five (5) minute visit with a physician or health care provider are soon to be gone forever.

With the advent of smart-phones and mobile personable medicine, patients are taking control over their health-care and managing their own health-care with the assistance of a licensed health-care provider.

Remember the old saga, “they who are well do not need a physician.”  I believe this to be true to a certain extent, but it has to be taken in context.  Healthy patients or patients who are WELL generally do not need to visit a physician.  However, healthy patients should always communicate with a physician or health care provider on a routine basis regarding all manners of illness and the prevention thereof. AND, smart-phones now allow patients to do just that.

A picture may be worth a thousand words for WELL-Care and/or Preventative Care!


Sticking to a sensible nutritional diet and doing some form of light exercise may lead to healthy living.  However, there are certain factors that must be monitored to assess patient’s risk(s) of preventable and/or manageable diseases as patients become older; and, this requires partnering with a physician who will appropriately advise patients regarding certain risk indicators, and the PREVENTION thereof.

Here are some basic facts for patients who are otherwise healthy or WELL to remember:

-Acute illness presents with certain symptoms that are generally short-term or may develop into a long-term illness, and even death; and should be discussed with your partnered physician to determine which type of acute illness that the patient may be dealing with.

-Acute on chronic illness presents after a chronic disease has been diagnosed, and is typically highlighted by activity of symptoms related to the chronic disease; and this too should be discussed with your partnered physician to determine necessary steps to take to stabilize the acute on chronic disease.

-Chronic illness develops from an illness lasting more than three (3) to six (6) months, and should ALWAYS, be appropriately managed on a routine basis by a physician and/or other health care providers to prevent or slow the progression of Chronic Disease and/or death.

Choose Modern Medicine Via Smart-phone and Stay Connected with your Health Care Provider


Remote Medical Care at a Distance Through MDC-Atlanta

Combined with detailed Medical History and Laboratory Tests, an accurate diagnosis can be determined nearly 90%

Reference: Western Journal of Medicine, February 1992 (156)

We are excited to announce the newest component of our medical practice, TELEMEDICINE AND TELEPATHOLOGY.  We are accepting patients throughout the State of Georgia, including the Atlanta metropolis, Gainesville, Athens, Rome, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, West Georgia, Macon, Brunswick, Albany, and Valdosta!

Modern Telemedicine allows patients to talk to a health care provider via Face-Time, for example, which is private, safe, convenient, and effective! Now just a phone call away, you can get an idea about your health status!!! TRY IT TODAY!! No transportation, no traveling to a doctor’s office, JUST SIMPLY CALL, and you will have direct access to an ONLINE DOCTOR at your fingertip!!

GET A BASIC HEALTH ASSESSMENT TODAY, without physically going to the doctor’s office.


Here are the steps you would need to take:

1) Complete our ONLINE Medical Survey-MDC-Atlanta, prior to contacting our office


2) For patients who are older than 40 years of age for general health, preventative care evaluation, we suggest that you make an appointment  with Dr. Gates to get basic labs done to assess RISK FACTORS::

a) Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP).  This will give the patient an idea about electrolytes, glucose level, kidney function, liver function, etc

b) Complete Blood Count Report (CBC) with differential.This will give the patient an idea about red blood cells, white blood cells (including the five different types), and platelets, including the specific numbers, and basic morphology with regards to anemia (low red blood cells), leukopenia (low white blood cells), and thrombocytopenia (low numbers of platelets), or other possibly acute and/or chronic hematological abnormalities.

c) Lipid Profile. This will give information about the patient’s total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, and triglycerides, to assess patient’s risk for coronary arterial heart disease, and/or other vascular diseases.

d) Men, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). This is typically indicated to assist with evaluating risk of prostate cancer, and/or inflamed prostate glands in men.

3) An automated home blood pressure monitor with pulse rate may be helpful, as well as a weight scale.

4) Contact Dr. Gates directly to discuss Patient-Consent and other related medical policy and procedures at MDC-Atlanta regarding Online Medical Care; Further instructions will be given to potential patient prior to initiating the ONLINE MEDICAL CARE.

5)  Schedule a time for Dr. Gates’ to contact you, the patient, directly to began the ONLINE medical interview and medical care.

We at MDC-Atlanta, believe that proactive preventative care and health maintenance are  the best steps to take to reduce inefficient and expensive SICK-Care. 

MDC-Atlanta remains committed to keeping our patients informed for Better Quality and Safe Medical Care!!

The Convenience of Telemedicine, Modern Medicine-2013

Cytology, THIN PREP of LSIL, Secondly Opined By a Board-Certified Pathologist Via Digital Based ONLINE imageMucus Cyst Diagnosed by Clinical Image

Neck Mass, Diagnosed as Follicular Carcinoma of Thyroid, Recurrent, By FNA, confirmed by Thyroid Lobectomy Frozen Section Basal Cell Carcinoma, TELEMEDICINE Prurigo, Chronica, Digitally Diagnosed in Consultation with a Board-Certified Dermatologist from a DISTANCE, subsequently confirmed by Skin Biopsy

Lipid Profile Labs, Interpreting Results By Physician from a Distance

Click on the Above Images to View in Detail

The above images are examples of clinical cases diagnosed by telemedicine consultation.

American Telemedicine Fact ONEAmerican Telemedicine Fact 2

In modern times, there are multiple media, such as Face Time, Skype, UstreamTV,  and other online imaging connections, in which patients as well as health-care providers, can now privately share LIVE-Streaming Videos and Images with primary or secondary health care providers (including SPECIALISTS) all over the USA and Globally to derive at diagnoses, treatment, and management strategies from a distance.

We welcome our patients to contact our practice to learn how TELEMEDICINE/TELEPATHOLOGY can work for you, providing convenience for patients with accountable and transparent SAFE MEDICAL CARE. We believe that this is the BEST way for patients to get immediate SECOND OPINION, allowing for TRANSPARENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN OVERALL QUALITY, SAFE, CONVENIENT, AND AFFORDABLE HEALTH-CARE.


MDC-Atlanta remains committed to Informing Patients for Better Quality and SAFE Health Care!!